we want to put a city on the moon. translunar research is an effort to fund and organize research for hard problems required to establish a permanent human presence on the moon.

no one chooses to go to the moon because it is easy. the spaceflight community certainly knows how to get to the moon, but we have no idea how to live there. agriculture, energy, robotics, spacecraft, architecture, all have to be reimagined for humanity to be able to survive on the lunar surface and underground. these are all capital-intensive research projects with a long horizon, which have always been difficult to find funding and organizational support for in the existing spaceflight ecosystem.

we believe there needs to be a dedicated institution to organize the long-term plan to develop and settle the moon, and to support important work that traditional space programs and for-profit companies aren’t in a good position to prioritize. at present, translunar research provides grants for exploratory research in the domain of lunar settlement, and organizes focused research groups to attack the more difficult problems involved. in the future, we will weave this work together into a broader plan for practical development of the lunar surface.

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