working with translunar research starts with a proposal for exploratory research. you send us a proposal, and we give you somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000. this is a fairly informal grant process, there are no deadlines or specific rules about research activities.

we’re using this as a replacement for an interview process. everyone hates interviews, especially for research gigs, so we’re just giving out a lot of small grants and seeing what happens. if your work is well received within translunar research, we’ll invite you to join one of our focused research groups.

who can apply

we accept applications from anyone interested in doing research, regardless of background, institutional affiliation, or country of origin. however, translunar research operations within the united states, so export controls may be relevant to some international applications.

proposal requirements

proposals need to include a few things:

  1. a short description of your past experience
  2. the usual background and thesis
  3. a cursory project plan
  4. a budget estimate
  5. links to previous work if applicable

try to keep these to one or two pages. we strongly suggest doing research in public and publishing research artifacts on if for some reason your research should not be public domain, please include a description of why in your proposal.

submission and payment

just send your proposal to we’ll review the application and negotiate payment in an email thread afterwards.

after negotiation, we pay you the full sum of the grant immediately. it is our explicit intent to provide funds where it is not readily available, so we do not have any requirements for payment.


while we directly invite some researchers to join our internal teams, we expect most recruitment to happen following an exploratory grant.

we evaluate the work submitted for methodology, perspective, and relevance to the project. regardless of quality, not all kinds of work are well suited for our internal research teams. if we feel like your work will fit in well with our process, we will reach out to you directly.